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American Youth Soccer Organization Providing world class youth soccer programs that enrich children's lives.


AYSO Region 969 (Del City and Surrounding area) A Nonprofit Organization


****Opens 2/1/24****

(For boys and girls born 2005-2020*)

*Must be 3 by 3/23/24. 

We are a non-profit youth soccer organization. We play small-sided recreational soccer with background checked volunteers. We offer free training! No experience necessary. We believe in our 6 Philosophies:

~Open Registration
~Everyone Plays
~Balanced Teams
~Positive Coaching
~Player Development
~Good Sportsmanship

We currently need more volunteers! Email [email protected] if you would like to learn more about how to become a coach, referee, or board member. Let’s work together to make the season a success!


Registration is set up as coed divisions and separated by birthyear. When the Regional Board meets to Balance Teams, the divisions will likely combine to create the most teams possible.

A program for young children to work on listening skills and coordination while going on imaginary adventures! We begin with some fun activities and usually end with small-sided soccer. For multiple seasons, we’ve established a sponsor to make this program free! So we are hopeful to secure another sponsorship. If your company would like to become the sponsor, please email us at [email protected] with subject line “Playground Sponsor.” If we sadly do not receive a sponsorship for this season, the registration cost will be $35. Register now to reserve your spot!

CORE (AGES 5-19) 
$65. Our largest of the 3 programs with practices and games.  

EPIC: Formally known as VIP, Very Important Players (Youth & Adult) 

****We currently do NOT have a coach for this program. If interested in volunteering, please email us at [email protected].) ******

$30. Our unique program geared to assist those who need some extra help to play the best sport in the world! Our previous coach has stepped down, so please let us know if you would like to step up to fill her position!
^The website charges a $2.75 transaction fee at checkout. Our uniform consists of two jersey tops for Core and Epic and costs $25. Playground receives one shirt. We offer a $5 sibling discount. If you need financial assistance, please reach out to the board via email ([email protected]). 

Season updates are sent by email and posts on Facebook. 

Black shorts and black socks will need to be acquired for each player. Shin guards are required for all practices and games. Soccer cleats, practice ball, and water at each session is recommended. Volunteer coaches will have access to practice balls, and a game ball. 

Volunteers are needed to be successful. Please kindly consider helping and be respectful to those who have stepped up. If interested in finding a way to help, email [email protected]

Please email the AYSO Region 969 Registrar (Kristin Rossiter): [email protected] or the AYSO Region 969 Board at [email protected]. Thanks! 


Tentative Spring 2023 Calendar

Dates and times may change. More details to be sent via email.

  • 8/21/23 - Registration closes to balance teams. May reopen to fill teams as needed. 

  • TBD - Volunteer Clinic (Email [email protected] if interested in finding a way to volunteer and help the season run successfully.)
  • 9/2/23 - Coach Contact Deadline (Email [email protected] if not contacted by a coach via call, text, or email.) 

  • TBD - Player Training Clinic. 9-12 at our complex. Who? All registered players who want to learn more about throw-ins, corner kicks, goal kicks, law of off-side, and goal keeper skills. 

  • 9/9/23 - First Games for Core. Playground parents meet and greet. 

  • TBD - Picture Day

  •  11/4/23 - Last Day of Games


Players are required to wear shinguards to play soccer. Water bottles and practice balls are welcome. 8U players use size 3, 12U use size 4, and 19U use size 5 soccer balls.

Our website has a tab labeled “Complex Map” of the field layout with some of our complex rules. 

Questions? Concerns? Email us! [email protected] 



Do I need to get a new uniform?

Uniforms were changed Fall 2022. It consists of two jersey tops. The registration cost does not include the uniform cost of $25. Black shorts and blacks socks are not included but please find a way to have them for your player. 

If you purchased the uniform tops during the Fall 2022 season, then you only need to purchase more if they:
* Do not fit anymore,  
* Lost or stained
* You would like to have extra jerseys. 

Can I purchase socks or shorts?
Yes, we will have some available for purchase at our concession stand (color varies). 

How can I get involved?
We have many ways to get involved with AYSO. We have training for coaches, referees, and board members. If interested, email [email protected] for more info. If you feel you can't commit to those roles, we have several other regional options: pick up trash, bathroom upkeep, mark fields, mow fields, concession stand, or organization of storage areas. You could also help your team by bringing snacks, organizing an end of season party, or possibly a thank you card for your coach.  

When will practice start?
Practices can start as early as 3/6. Coaches should contact their team by 3/9. Wear weather-appropriate practice clothes, shin guards (required), cleats, practice ball, and water. 

When will my coach contact me? 

By 3/9/23.

When is the first day of games?

Why is birth year registration going into effect for all levels of play and all age groups?
Having players train and play according to their age and developmental stage supports the objectives of the small sided standards by focusing on the physiological and developmental needs of the player. This change is meant to better safeguard the development of youth players at all ages and levels.

Don't you realize that you're breaking up my existing team?
U.S. Soccer recognizes that making these changes can impact existing teams in the short-term. However, players joining and leaving teams is something that already happens regularly throughout the country. There are a variety of factors that require teams to evolve and adapt including players maturity rates, moving away, focusing on new interests or their soccer abilities differentiating from their peers. Again, both small sided standards and birth year registration support the development of the individual player as a priority over a team success.

Also, remember that AYSO balances team each season. Our current programs do not require any try outs to play and all players get to play have of each game as long as they are willing and are obeying the laws of the game. 

If I have a questions, who do I call, text, or email?
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 405-741-2976 

Contact Us

AYSO Region 969 (Del City and Surrounding Area) a Nonprofit Organization

4570 E Reno Ave 
Del City, Oklahoma 73115

Email Us: [email protected]

Phone: 405-741-2976